1. Cancellation Fee

Pandora receives numerous reservation requests every week and tries to accommodate every one of them. We only have 12 private rooms and try to efficiently reserve each one as best as we can. This means that we will book reservations on a first come, first serve basis, while attempting to accommodate all that inquire. In order to ensure fairness to parties that may be turned down due to lack of space, we are forced to charge a cancellation fee and/or deposit IF the reservation is not cancelled within 72 hours of event time. We apologize in advance if this causes any inconvenience.

2. How to make a reservation

Reservations are quick and easy and can be done by either emailing us at [email protected] or by calling us at (415) 817 1580. Emails are responded to multiple times a day, so we ask that parties bear with us while we try to respond to you as soon as possible. A confirmation number and all details pertaining to the reservation will be provided in the email.

3. Why does Pandora need to know what time we are checking out

Pandora does its best to ensure that every reservation request is fulfilled, and therefore requires that start and finish times are provided at the time the reservation is made. If a party wishes to extend their time, they can arrange it with the host upon arrival or change their reservation prior to the engagement via email.

4. What is needed in order to check in?

Pandora requires that a valid major credit card and corresponding ID are provided at the time of check in. The credit card will not be charged and will be held until checkout. The credit card provided does not have to be the form of payment upon completion. Please note debit cards are not accepted.

5. Are private karaoke rooms included in happy hour?

Yes, room rates are included in our happy hour.

6. Is the lounge free?

We have an open lounge area that is free from cover charge and open to the public.

7. Do we charge cover?

Pandora never charges a cover charge, so come and enjoy open karaoke any time you wish. We welcome everyone!

8. Are minors allowed in Pandora?

Unfortunately, Pandora is strictly a 21+ venue. Valid Identification will be requested upon arrival.

9. Outside food/beverage?

We do allow food. Unfortunately, no outside beverages are allowed inside Pandora. Items can be checked in at the door and will be returned upon exit. If alcoholic beverages are found, there will be a penalty fee.

10. What about cakes and cupcakes?

Pandora encourages birthday celebrations and welcomes them every week. Therefore, we allow cakes and cupcakes to be brought into the premises. We do not provide plates, utensils, or knives to cut the cake and will only allow plastic utensils.

11. What happens if I’m late for my reservation?

Pandora will do its best to hold the reservation until you arrive. If you are late or need to cancel, please call ahead of time to inform us. In the event that we are booked to capacity, we have no choice but to cancel the reservation 10 minutes past the reservation time.

12. Does Pandora serve food?

Unfortunately, we no longer serve food at the venue but we have a vending machine with variety of snacks.

13. Are alcoholic beverages allowed in the private karaoke room?

Each room has a cocktail server that will be able to assist you with your orders throughout the night. Only drinks purchased in the venue are allowed. Drinks are not allowed when you enter the venue. If alcoholic beverages are found, there will be a penalty fee.

14. How does payment work? I don’t want to pay for others drinks. Can they open their own tabs while in the karaoke room.

Payments are made at the end of your stay. There can be multiple tabs per room. Guests will need to bring their own credit cards if they choose to open a bar tab.

15. Is there a dress code?

Dress code may be enforced depending on the day. We do not allow baseball hats and excessively baggy clothing.

16. Are drinks included with the private karaoke rooms?

Unfortunately, drinks are separate from the private room charge.

17. Is there parking?

There is plenty of street parking around Pandora and there are also two parking lots in our direct vicinity.


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