Pandora located at Union Square in San Francisco, offers a variety of differently themed private karaoke rooms to host your wedding after parties, corporate events, team building, etc. Stage fright, extreme shyness, easily embarrassed, or the desire to have a private singing sessions with friends are all common reasons that can be solved by renting your very own private karaoke room.

Each room is equipped with its own sound system and allows you to access any song from our central server. You will have complete control of which songs you want to sing, which songs you want skipped or replayed, whether or not you would like the original artist to assist you by singing along in the background, and much much more. Every room will also have a friendly cocktail server that will keep you liquored up throughout the night.

Don’t want a private room? We have an open lounge with a fully stocked bar.

Please email us at for room availability.

LARGE: Crown Royal, Absolut (Up to 25 people).

The capacity of each room is an estimate based on an average sized person and does not reflect the absolute maximum or minimum number of persons that it can accommodate. The size of the people in your party will affect the stated capacity estimate, but does not affect the price per hour.

Pandora recommends a site visit prior to your reservation date to accurately determine if the size of the requested room will be sufficient for the guests in your party.